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Video Highlights from the 2013 Atlanta Pet Expo

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Thanks to our friends at About Dogs & Paws for creating a video of highlights from the Atlanta Pet Expo! Watch to see some of the vendors and groups represented at this great event! Can you find ScanMyPetPls! in the video?!

 Maybe we will see you there next year!

The Next Stops for the Amazing Pet Expo Tour

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The Amazing Pet Expo moves from city to city featuring national and local vendors. Connect with local shelters and rescue groups, groomers, pet sitters, vets, awesome pet products and more!! You can meet Shorty Rossi from Animal Planet’s “Pit Boss” and have the opportunity for autographs and photos! All of these events are free of charge and you can bring your pet.

San Diego Pet Expo – March 1, 2014 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds (

Tampa Bay Pet Expo – March 8, 2014 at the Florida State Fairgrounds (

South Florida Pet Expo – March 15, 2014 at the South Florida Expo Center (

San Antonio Pet Expo – March 29, 2014 at the San Antonio Event Center (

Check out the individual websites for additional details on parking, times, and the requirements to bring your pet. AND don’t forget to protect your pet with a ScanMyPetPls ID tag!!

Happy New Year and Check Out This Great Pet Search Site!

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Happy New Year! We have found a great site that gives you pet events all over the world. You can search for Dog Shows, Pet Expos, Dog Parks, Specialty Pet Stores, and Vets in any state in the U.S. or internationally. Check out to find events near you!


Stocking Stuffers: Homemade Cat Treats

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We found this great recipe for homemade cat treats at

6 ounces of undrained tuna
1 cup cornmeal
1 cup flour
1/3 cup water

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Measure all of the ingredients into a bowl and mix thoroughly with your hands. Roll out to 1/4 inch thickness and cut into treat sized pieces. Place on a greased cookie sheet. Bake for about 20 minutes or until golden. Let cool. Give to your cat and watch them gobble it up.

Upcoming Pet Expos Worth Checking Out!

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Several great events for pet owners, groomers, pet sitters, and shelters are coming up around the country! All of these events are free admission and pets are allowed. Check out the event websites for additional details:

Holiday Pet Expo – Dallas, Texas – December 7, 2013. More Info:

Bay Area Pet Expo – San Jose, California – January 11, 2014. More Info:

Social Pet Expo – Long Beach, California – February 1, 2014. More Info:

Vegas Pet Expo – Las Vegas, Nevada – February 8, 2014. More Info:

These events are a great place to find new pet products and meet some amazing rescues and shelters!

Atlanta Pet Expo!

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The Atlanta Pet Expo will be at the Gwinnett Center this Saturday, November 16th from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. The event is free and you can bring your pets (with proof of current vaccinations). There are many great vendors at this event, from national chains to local boutiques! We hope to see you there!

More information is available at



Close Call! Dog Bite Prevention

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Today was sunny with a high in the low 70’s. The perfect weather for a runner like me! No, I’m not super fast, but with two young children and a busy life, I love to turn up my ipod and have 30 minutes to myself.

I was about a ½ mile from my house when something stopped me dead in my tracks. . . a large dog barking and running aggressively towards me. I froze. What do I do? Do I turn and run in the other direction? Do I stand still? The dog charged out into the street, but as he came towards me, he suddenly stopped, and slowly walked away. What a relief! I quickly turned and ran back toward my house, adrenaline pumping, done for the day. I was lucky, but so many others are not.

Millions of dog bites occur every year in the United States. I know other runners and who have been bitten, and had pretty severe injuries. According to Runner’s World Magazine, you should use the following tips:

  • Stand tall, facing the dog and slowly, calmly back away.
  • Don’t use direct eye contact. Watch the dog out of the corner of your eye.
  • Stay relaxed, and use an upright posture to give a sense of authority.

To read the full Runner’s World article, click here:

I run on familiar roads (such as my neighborhood) where I know most of the dogs and owners, but just as this weekend, sometimes a new one will appear, so I’m always aware of my surroundings.

Recently, a local internet radio host, Top Dogg Blake Rashad, who has a mission to prevent dog bites was recently interviewed by Fox 5 Atlanta. His interview and additional info on dog bite prevention, especially for children can be found at following link:

Right now is a good time to read up on dog bite prevention and educate yourself and your children as you get ready to enjoy the beautiful weather of summer.

Stay safe!

Canine CellMates

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CanineCellMatesImagine a way to save hundreds of innocent dogs that may be only days away from euthanization, and helping someone who needs a new start in life at the same time. This is exactly what Susan Jacobs-Meadows did in 2012. With inspiration to help her community and a love of dogs, Canine CellMates was founded with the chance to rescue shelter dogs and place them with selected inmates at Fulton County Jail to train them and prepare them for adoption.

With this program, it appears no one can lose. First the dogs are taken from hopeless situations and given the chance to socialize and learn to trust people again. The inmates who care for and train the dogs are able to improve social skills, build confidence and a knowledge of self-worth, learn accountability and responsibility, and know they are doing something that gives back to the community.

Jail Dog programs in other prisons have proven successful with a lower rate of inmate outbursts and have seen lower recidivism (re-occurrence) rates in those that are a part of the program. Most inmates take pride in their work as trainers, create bonds with the dogs, and gain marketable skills.

With the help of two key volunteers, Meredith Minkin, Director of Canine Services, and Lennox Gavin, Director of Training, Canine CellMates was approved as an official program in Fulton County in November 2012 and will have up to 10 dogs at a time in training. After the 8-week training period, the dogs will be available for adoption to the public.

Meet & Greats will occur during the training, giving the community a chance to see the dogs and learn more about the program. “Our goal is to create a buzz and excitement about these dogs,” says Director Susan Jacobs-Meadows. “By limiting the number of dogs in each class, our plan is to always have a greater demand than available dogs, ensuring that no dog remains unadopted at the end of each training cycle.”

To learn more about the program, or to find additional information on adopting, please visit their website at

Perfect Christmas Gift in my Biased Opinion

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As we stress our way through yet another busy holiday season we at ScanMyPetPls would like to remind you not to forget about your little furry friends.  From Black Friday right up to Christmas Day our attention span goes from one advertisement to another searching for the perfect deal that no one else in our 500 Facebook friends found and gives us bragging rights until next holiday season.  But sometimes the “perfect deal” turns out not to be so “perfect”.  I sense a ScanMyPetPls advertisement coming and since I am writing the blog, I know everything.

Why you ask am I ruining such a brilliantly written first three sentences only to then follow it up with as Ralphy so eloquently puts it in arguably the best Christmas movie ever made, “a crummy advertisement”?  Because in my purely unbiased opinion (ok, not a 100% true statement, hope Santa is not reading this, I am biased), an ID tag from ScanMyPetPls is the perfect present for all four legged family members.  Scruffy will love the look of his new tag and will be the envy of all the animals in the neighborhood.  I can hear them now, whining at the feet of their confused owners and saying with their sad pathetic eyes, “Did you see Scruffy’s tag?  Did you see it?”

But the love does not stop with the cool tag.  ScanMyPetPls offers FULL protection of Scruffy if he goes missing.  We have had two missing dogs rescued not because the QR code was scanned and the owners information found through their profile.  Not because of the web address printed on the tag with a serial number so the founder of the lost pet can look at the owner’s information.  Both pets returned home because also printed on every tag is our Toll Free number which is monitored 24 hours a day.  We realize that not everyone has a smart phone or an app to scan the QR code or access the internet but with the addition of the 877-ScanPet we feel confident that if Scruffy is found, we will help get him home.

One more bit of advertisement, the 877-ScanPet has also helped our members in a different way.  We had a call from a member of ours who was having problems getting her small pink tag to scan.  Within minutes a new tag was in the mail with a prepaid shipping label to send back the defective tag.  Because the defective tag still offers some protection, we do not wait to get the bad tag back before we ship a new one.  We would be heartbroken if a member’s pet became lost and did not have any protection because of a bad policy.

So be wary of the not so perfect deal.  The price may not be as right as you think.  While ScanMyPetPls is not unique in product it is unique is something dying in today’s world, customer service.  A lost pet, a defective tag, a question about the color of my eyes, all can be obtained by calling 877-ScanPet.  This makes a membership to ScanMyPetPls the perfect deal and gift for Scruffy and his friends.  By the way, my eyes are blue.

A great place to find something for your pet is  We met the owner at the Atlanta Expo and have come to love her site.  Check it out for great deals on all sorts of pet products including a certain QR code pet ID and membership company.  Go to our website and click on the Facebook link and enter in the Holiday Naughty or Nice Pet contest with a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to  Today is the deadline so you will need to hurry!


Dogs for Veterans

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Written by guest blogger Sue Kindred, President, Service Dog 411

Post Traumatic Stress … what is it really?  Well, certainly it’s different for everyone and it’s not easy to describe for someone who’s never experienced it (or for someone who has for that matter).  We all have images in our mind perpetrated by Hollywood that PTSD is about flashbacks to the terror of a specific event.  But the reality is that it’s about being hyper-vigilant, always on edge, fearful of crowds or crowded places, dark rooms or strange noises.  Sensory overload is a hallmark of PTSD.  Imagine being in a grocery store if you have PTSD … it’s loud, lots of people, lots of colors, noises like people talking, music and that one cart with the wonky wheel.  It’s about strange smells, people exploding around the corner of the aisle, toddlers crying and things stacked really high.  Makes you re-think that need for milk and cereal – huh?

Service Dogs for veterans and active duty military personnel who have Post Traumatic Stress:  It’s hard to pick up a magazine or surf the Internet without finding reference to the controversy that’s now raging between service dog providers, veterans, and military lawmakers.  Some say that service dogs are an invaluable support, helping make life better for these individuals.  Others say that there is no data to support these ideas and that the dogs “merely” provide emotional support.  The VA has recently revised its rules about allowing service dogs on its campuses and has pulled financial support for veterans in need.  They’ll still support guide dogs (for the blind) and mobility dogs, but not service dogs for PTSD.

Talk to someone with PTSD … whether they have a dog or not.  If they do have a service dog, they’ll tell you what a god-send it is and how it’s changed their life for the better.  Repaired damaged relationships, given them the confidence to get back out in the world, renewed their ability to live a life of their choice.  Talk to someone with PTSD who doesn’t yet have a dog, they’ll still tell you all the things they “just know” a dog will do for them and share with you how badly they want one.

Why is this so controversial?  How can we bridge this gap between what service dog providers and veterans know and what military lawmakers believe?  Well, the first thing we can do is keep this issue at the forefront of the news.  We can keep sharing success stories and shedding light where changes should be made.  And we can hope that military lawmakers will learn to listen and eventually believe what veterans already know.

Dogs for Veterans is dedicated to train and place service dogs that will enhance the lives of American veterans who have become disabled as a result of serving in the United States Armed Forces, giving them a little something back for their tremendous sacrifices.  For more information about Dogs for Veterans programs, visit the website at

Service Dog 411 is the first stop on the journey for service dog information.  For more information about service dogs and their use for people with invisible disabilities, please visit the website at

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